Where It All Started

From an early age, soccer was more than just a game for me—it was a passion. From playing from the age of 3, to playing overseas in Switzerland, it’s something I have dedicated a majority of my life to. However, the journey was not without its trials. Within a span of two years, I suffered double-digit ankle sprains and experienced debilitating knee pain that made even simple tasks like walking down stairs a challenge. But much worse, preventing me from doing what I loved. 

GroundUP Beginnings

Determined to figure out how to do what I love without sacrificing my body permanently, I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on research, seeking a solution to my recurring injuries. It was a grueling and expensive process, but it led me to a transformative discovery: the significance of foot health and the philosophy of building from the ground up.

Get Back to Doing What You Love

At Groundup Mobility, we are dedicated to providing valuable information and products that empower individuals to move and perform at their best, alleviating discomfort and encouraging a healthier, more active lifestyle. We aspire to be the spark that reignites your passion for the activities you love. Whether it's playing soccer, exploring nature, or simply cherishing pain-free moments with your family, our mission is to help restore the joy and freedom of movement.